Modeling Christ - Taking Him to the world.

Castine Church's NextGen Ministry exists to To nurture a team that partners with the next generation of Castine Church to create a biblical worldview and to reach their communities for Christ through Worship, Fellowship and Mission.

Forms for this summer's mission trip!

Packing List

Message by You: Packing List for Mission Trip

  • Things you really should bring

    • Clothes for 7 Days (5 days of cloths to work on a hot day and 2 outfits that you would wear on Easter Sunday to church (This will really come in handy for the Cathedral Tour)

    • Bible and Pen

    • 6-12 cans of a favorite soda and 2 bags of a favorite snack (chips or pretzels for example)

    • Money for a meal on the ride home ( we will make sure no one goes hungry but our lives are easiest and the stop is shortest if Students can take care of this one meal)

    • Sunscreen

    • Closed to shoes to work in.

    • Swim Suit(s) (One Piece Please)

  • Things you may also choose to bring

    • Phone and Charger (the only reason a student would lose their phone privilege is if it was distracting them from the trip.

    • Extra money (there is a grocery store within walking distance from our hotel, and some students get souvenirs while in DC)

    • Work out clothes (Hotel has an onsite gym and a walking path near by)

    • Toiletries (Hotels provide soap, shampoo and conditioner, even razors and toothbrushes. It is just easier to bring your own.)

    • Sunscreen

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