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Camping Trip Letter and Packing List

Dear Friends,


We are so excited about the weekend camping trip. As Friday morning approaches I am sure you are wondering where and when to arrive and what to pack. If after this message you still have questions please feel free to contact me by text (937.551.1136) or email ( Here are a few details. 

  • Times: We will meet Friday morning at Castine Church at 7:30 am to depart at 8 am. We will arrive back Sunday evening from camping. We usually text when we are an hour out. 

  • Packing: (checklist at the bottom) Students should pack clothes for 3 days of hiking in the heat, we will swim a couple of times in the river, so they will need a towel and a sweatshirt or two incase the evenings are cool. . We will provide tents, but if you have one it would be helpful if you brought it. Please bring your own sleeping bag. Students should bring their Bible and are welcome to bring their cell phone, (service will be spotty). If kids want to bring money they can, but all meals are included. 

  • If you still need to pay for the weekend please bring that Friday morning. 

  • If your student has any medical needs I should know about please let me know so I can make sure those needs are seen to.  


We are looking forward to a great weekend! See you Friday morning.




Andrew Costa


Check List:

  • Clothes for 3 days

    • Clothes for hiking

    • Clothes for Swimming

    • Warm evening clothes (one sweatshirt would do) 

    • One outfit to wear in town. 

  • Extra Shoes

  • Towel(s)

  • If you have a tent, bring it. 

  • Optional

    • Cell Phone

    • Extra Money

    • Camping tools (pocket knife, etc.)

    • Snacks and soda


Quick Itinerary:

  • Friday Morning: Travel

  • Friday Afternoon: Hiking and pitching camp

  • Friday Evening: Swimming the river

  • Saturday Morning: Hiking

  • Saturday Afternoon: Hiking/Swimming

  • Saturday Evening: Visit town

  • Sunday Morning: Canoeing

  • Sunday Afternoon Packing and skylift

  • Sunday Evening Travel home

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